Which Anti Virus Should I Use Now that Microsoft Security isn’t Recommended?

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) has long been at the forefront of computer security, but now Microsoft is recommending you to use a third-party anti-virus software, so which one should you use?

Lets start with looking at why Microsoft Security essentials is no longer recommended. There once was a time when all you needed for your computer to be secure was simply Microsoft Security Essentials. However some of us still had other antivirus’ and malware protection to be double sure. It was an easy to use program, came ready made within windows and had an excellent virus checker, Windows Defender. WD was an excellent tool and scanned for viruses, spyware and malware all in the same search. It was quick, efficient and free!

But it seemed that after a very high score in a virus and malware detection test in 2009, that they sort of stopped development in favour of keeping MSE ticking over. It still performed well, but not as well as the rest of the competition and since then has slipped. Microsofts reasoning against this at first was that it was an “unfair test”, but has since now decided to advise people to procure a third party Antivirus. So which one should you use?

There area number of great third party anti-viruses out there but here are our favourites:

> AVG. One of the best and powerful antivirus’ out there. There is a paid version but you should be ok with the free version.

> Avast! Another antivirus in the same league as AVG. Power, great, free.

> ClamWin. A lesser known anti-virus but can definitely keep you secure.

Any of these can greatly help you out. So will you be using one? If so, which one?