How to Repair a Scratch on your Laptop Screen


All computers and laptops are prone to damage, especially portable devices. Portable devices are out and about all the time and even if you protect it as much as possible with cases and covers it is still subject to a lot more wear and tear than a home or office based computer. One of the most delicate parts of a computer is the screen and it can get scratched pretty easily. This doesn’t mean your screens needs replacing there are ways to repair a computer screen scratch.


There are several unconventional methods involving surprising ingredients some of which only disguise a scratch. These include peanut butter or toothpaste!!

One of the few that does tend to work is the mixing of bicarbonate of soda and glass cleaner. The combination of the two has been shown to remove scratches. There are also a number of specialist products that can remove

If this doesn’t work it may be worth getting further advice from someone specialising in computer and laptop repair about how to repair the scratch. If it could be that it needs extra attention from a professional, but it could be too serious to repair and the screen could need replacing. Only a professional will be able to tell you this.n to remove scratches. There are also a number of specialist products that can remove scratches from screens and these are available pretty widely. At laptop and computer repairs shops you can find the best of these products and people that work there will be able to advise you on which of these products are the best for the make and model of your computer. Most of these will remove the average kind of computer or laptop scratch on the screen.

Spotting a DC Power Jack problem

dc connectorEvery computer or laptop has a DC power jack for which are mainly used for plugging in headphones or the power supply. Now since these are the cables that are plugged and unplugged on a daily basis it is common that it can cause damage to them and to the port. Many people will notice that something is not right but if you are unsure in what to look for then stay with us.

The obvious sign that your DC connector is not working is the power to your laptop is not stable and consistent. You can tell this with the battery icon, which is normally located on the taskbar in windows. More modern laptops will also have a little indicator on the case which will light up when you are re-charging. If the light tends to flick when you connect the charger then we know you do not have a consistent flow of power.

If this is the case then you will need to do some further investigation on the connector and maybe the port. The main area where the damage can be caused will be the pins in the connector itself. This is what the electrical current travels through from your power supply and into your mother board, powering the laptop. There could be a pin missing or one could be bent and damaged, it would be recommended to take a look at that.

Check for cracks and damages around the case of the connector as it could loosen the connection to the port hence why the power is not consistent. It is also advised to check the actual wire to the connector as this can commonly fray with the amount of pulling out of the laptop. If you can see the electrical wires, cover up with insulation tape or repair with silicone.

If the points in which I have mentioned above are what have occurred with your DC connector, instead of replacing the hardware and costing you a lot of money then visit tek squad who specialise in computer and laptop repairs London wide. We can give you the solution to this whilst saving you a lot of money and prevent it from happening again from as long as possible. This has become a common problem with both laptop and computers so we are extremely experienced in these kind of repairs.