Solution to Your Computer or Laptop Overheating

Every time we get a computer or a laptop at our workshop, the first thing that pops into our heads is the chance of overheating of the system. This is mainly habit due to the fact that the most common cause we get of computers and laptops breaking is all down to overheating of the CPU. Now as you may know the CPU is the brain of your system and therefore is the most valuable and needs protecting the most out of all the components of your laptop or PC.

Why do laptops and computers overheat?

Nine times out of ten the main reason why a computer system over heats is that there is a hindrance with the cooling system. Mainly it is dust that has clogged up the fan which means it cannot circulate air out of the vents causing warm air to circulate inside and around the main hardware components, which therefore leads to overheating. Another indicator is if your computer or laptop is making a loud noise, this could be a stray SATA or IDE cable which is getting jammed with the fan.

Laptops tend to overheat a lot faster than your standard computer, mainly due to the fact that a laptop is more compact and the components are more close together generating more heat. So bear in mind, if you are ever thinking about building your own laptop then it is crucial to have an excellent ventilation system.

How to stop your computer/laptop from overheating

It is simple, owning a computer is just like owning a home, car or pet it will need looking after. Some people under estimate the importance of keeping your motherboard components clean. Over time there will be a gather of dirt and dust which is ready to clog your ventilation and therefor damaging possible a thousand pounds worth of hardware (depending on the laptop/computer). It isn’t worth it for a fifteen minute job of simply opening your system and removing all the dust and dirt from the fan.

Another way I have found what works when preventing the computer from overheating is too check the power settings, this could help you save a lot of battery life and therefore you will be using less heat.

So if you have any questions or are looking for solutions to the above problems, then tek squad are here to help repair them!

Computer Repairs: Repairing your computer on a budget

Computers, despite being much more affordable than they have been in the past, are still an expensive piece of equipment and as such they should be looked after and well maintained in order to make sure they stay working at their best for as long as possible without intervention or repair being needed.

However, even if you are careful, protect your computer and take every precaution physically possible, you will still find yourself in need of a computer repair company at one point.

This might be damage to an external aspect of the computer such as the screen, the keyboard or the ports, or it could be an internal problem such as viruses.

Either way, you will inevitably find that it breaks at the worst possible time; the same time at the MOT is due, a week before pay day or when the kids need their school uniform buying for the new year.

If this is the case for you here are some tips for repairing your computer on a budget:

  • Shop around. There are a number of different places to get your computer repaired in your area and before just choosing the first one, ring around, describe the problem exactly and get a quote.
  • Tell them you’re ringing around for quotes. It can be easier to find cheap computer repairs London wide if they know they are in competition for your business. If they quote more than you’d like to pay, try saying you have a lower quote to see if they will match it, but don’t take the micky. It is unreasonable to expect anyone to replace your screen at cost or at a loss.
  • Look at computer repair companies of all sizes. The smaller ones might not always be cheaper as you’d think, they might have a more specialised skill set that means they charge more. At the same time, they might be more flexible though. Large companies often have set prices whereas smaller ones might have a little more ‘wiggle room.’
  • Be prepared to wait. If it’s a week until pay day, and you have a choice between eating and getting your computer fixed, then if you can, wait. Unless it is essential for work, then the world won’t end if you have to make do with Googling on your phone for a week.

Things to be aware of when fixing another persons computer or laptop

fixing somebody elses computerIf you have the skills to repair computers and laptops then you will have most likely have been asked by a friend or a family member to have a look at their system. Now fixing a system which isn’t yours needs to be done with more caution as it is not your property and it will not affect you as much as the owner.

The first thing you must do is ask the owner what is wrong with the system, try and get the most detailed description as possible, this will help you diagnose the problem a lot faster. Not only that you could be doing more harm than good when trying to repair it as it could be a small problem and you may think it is something much worse.

Backing up should be done before fixing anyone’s computer that is a must. They may have important files and documents on the system which may be lost if it is a hard drive issue. We all know what it is like to lose data on a system.

It can be helpful to ask the owner if they have tried anything to fix the problem themselves, some people may have installed a program which could be corrupt or have a virus on it. This is worth checking just to make your job easier.

Also asking have they recently installed any programs onto the system which could also occur this problem. Many people download programs without scanning them first which is the biggest cause of malware and virus attacks.

If you cannot see any software issues then it is time to check the hardware. It is important to check for any damage to the case of the system as this can indicate that someone may have been inside the system in the past. If it is a refurbished laptop then you will have nothing to worry about but if it isn’t then you will need to investigate further.

If you have a hardware issue then again you need to be more aware and cautious of dismantling the computer or laptop and if you are not sure how to do it then leave it to a professional computer repair company as it is not worth the risk.

In summary, when fixing a system which isn’t yours you need to be more careful with your processes and always remember to back up the contents and restore them once finished.

Company capitalises on growing IT support industry

it businessIT support is very much an industry on the up, with more companies offering IT and network support and computer repairs London wide.  The increase in use of technology for all companies; not just those in a computer based industry but companies in all industry sectors, means that there is more business available and an increased demand is met with the growth of the IT support industry.


Businesses requiring IT support can benefit from the increase in the number of IT support companies in a number of ways:

  • The larger number of companies means that IT support businesses need to be competitive in price, and this means that businesses can get a better deal for the service that they need and want than they might of in the past.
  • There are companies that specialise in certain areas, in order to target niche markets.  This means that you can find a company with plenty of experience in your particular industry or the kind of technology you use, giving you a more customised service.
  • To compete for business, IT support companies have to be more flexible, and this means that you can ask for what you need and don’t have to take a package that gives you less than you need, or pay for a package that includes services you don’t need.
  • IT support companies are recognising that ecommerce is being used by more businesses and therefore the efficient running of their system is vital to a business. This means that they are offering longer opening hours, including 24 hour IT support in some cases.
  • In order to be competitive they are throwing several services into IT support agreements including repairs.  This can be particularly important for businesses that use a lot of portable technology such as tablets and laptops.  These are items more prone to damage which is why there is such a high demand for cheap laptop repairs London wide.  By throwing this service in as a perk of an IT support package they are offering a service people need which is an incentive, and this will save any business money at one point in case of damage to a laptop.

How Computer and laptop repairs are growing in the business industry

businessAny sort of technology can be an expensive addition to a business, but in a lot of cases it is more or less essential in order to ensure the efficient and effective running of a business.  Technology such as computers and laptops can make many aspects of a business run faster and more effectively.  This includes accounting, correspondence and both internal and external communication through email, video chat and live chat.  Computers and laptops are essential for Internet access, which can be used in a larger way for marketing.

A majority of businesses now have websites and/or social media pages, carry out email advertising and use online adverts and directories.  Without this technology you will not be reaching any of the people using the internet to find a product or service.  Lastly, some businesses actually run on technology.

This can be because they supply a technology based service, or because they sell through their website.  With ecommerce constantly on the rise and people shopping for everything from groceries to electronics online, technology can be integral to the running of a business.

For the above reasons, having a plan in place for if a computer or laptop breaks is a must for businesses, and there are more companies providing IT support, network support, online support and computer and laptop repairs London wide.  There is a range of companies offering a range of different services.

Some companies that outright depend on technology for their company to function will have a more elaborate IT support plan in place to ensure that if there is a problem, it can be solved as quickly as possible to get their business up and running again.  Businesses that use their computers for less urgent functions will often just look for one of the companies offering cheap computer repairs London wide for in case of a problem that needs fixing, but that is not a matter of urgency.

IT support and computer repair companies are recognising the greater need for their services but are still having to be competitive in order to maintain a client base, so it is well worth ringing around for the best deal and take advantage of the growing number of businesses offering the service that you need.

Computer Repairs: How to fix a dodgy port on your computer

computer portsThere is a variety of different computer ports on computer or laptop, to fit them into two loose categories; some are physical and some are virtual.  Physical ports enable you to connect cables to computers, routers, modems and other devices. There are several different types of physical ports available on computers and these include USB ports; where you can put a storage device into your computer to keep files separate.  Ethernet ports, which enable you to connect to a network or internet connection, and serial ports which enable external modems to a computer.  Virtual ports allow software applications to share hardware resources without affecting each other. Computers and routers manage network traffic travelling through virtual ports. Firewalls are also in place to provide control over the flow of traffic for a better level of security.

Ports of all kinds inevitably break or become unpredictable and if this is the case, particularly in the case of physical ports, it can leave you unable to perform important functions of your computer.

Many people prefer to regularly back up their work on a USB stick, and not being able to do this can risk you losing your work or leave you unable to take it around with you; a USB stick is much easier to carry than a computer!  If you think your USB port is broken the first thing to do is to double check that it is.  Do this by using another device in that USB port and seeing if it works.  If it does then it is the device that is faulty and you only need to replace that and not worry about the computer itself.

If it turns out that it is the port itself you need to go to the ‘device manager’ on your computer and look out for anything with a warning sign on it, which is usually a brightly coloured exclamation mark.  Once you find it click on it and select “Search automatically for updated driver software.” If it updates the driver successfully check if it is working again. If not, click on “Uninstall” instead.  You will then need to scan for hardware changes where the computer system should detect the USB port and reinstall it automatically.

If none of this works than you may need to seek professional help with it.  For a pro it may well be a simple process so simple look around for one of the companies providing cheap computer repairs London wide and check how much they will charge to rectify the situation.

Choosing a Professional Computer and Laptop Repair Company

Professional Computer Repair CompanyComputers and/or laptops have gone from being a luxury item that is out of most people’s price range, to being an essential piece of equipment used at home and in the office. People use them for everyday purposes like email, keeping accounts and finding local businesses as well more social purposes such as gaming and social media like Facebook and Twitter. Whilst the popularisation of computers and laptops have made them much more affordable as well as more advanced than when they first came out, they are still an expensive item, which is why many people put a lot of thought into the kind of computer or laptop that they buy.

It is also why people want to make sure that they keep their computer in a good state of repair and why they are increasingly fussy about who they charge with repairing it. If you are looking for a professionals in computer or laptop repairs London wide here’s some tips on how to find the perfect individual or company:

  • Ask around for recommendations. A high percentage of people have computers these days and seeing as everything breaks at some point many people will have had to use someone for computer repairs London way before. People always remember good service; a problem being fixed quickly and effectively, as well as companies to avoid; those that keep your computer for ages, the problem reoccurs soon after or they overcharge. A recommendation by someone you trust is a lot better than random online testimonials from people you don’t know.
  • Talk in depth before handing over your technology. Just because you’ve brought them your computer or laptop, that doesn’t mean you have to use them. If you get the feeling they aren’t experienced in the model that you have, the software that you use, or you think they are over charging you for the work, say thanks but no thanks. Also make sure that you get a fixed quote and that they agree to inform you of any additional costs before doing the work.
  • Base your decision on value for money not just the lowest price. It can be easy to just search for cheap laptop repairs London wide but if you find they will be carrying out a lower standard of work it may be worth spending a little extra.