Are PC’s a thing of the past?

I know you are thinking the same, everybody is! The latest era of mobile phones and tablet devices are pushing out the common household pc out of the door. This is because technology is advancing rapidly there are new gadgets and features coming out regularly and people are moving on from the what was once the best thing since sliced bread, the desktop computer.

The latest laptop sales are up 80% of computer sales but believe it or not 90% of households in America have a desktop computer. But how often do they get used is the real million dollar question. In the past couple of years technology has advanced at an incredible rate and with it so have computers, there are no longer fat, bulky and slow desktops sat in the corner of the living room. We now have smaller more portable and faster computers in which is better for everyone.

desktop computer

Desktop computers are widely used by gamers and many office companies; this is because the needs they are trying to achieve are perfectly suited for a desktop computer. Little things such as the battery life, with a laptop you have to estimate how long before your power dies. Which for gamers is a pain, with office jobs you don’t really need to be portable and what is the point in paying a higher price for the same specifications?

Laptops are vastly becoming the favourite along with smartphones and tablets. The most
It makes sense; you wouldn’t dress as if you were in the 80’s because it is out of date and old fashioned. Same goes with desktops, they were once the future and the same will famous tablet has to be Apple’s Ipad. Last year in the last quarter Apple generated $36billion in revenue and 100 million ipads were sold to contribute to that revenue. Yes, laptops and tablets may cost more and be more expensive to maintain but when the company which is producing them is generating these amount of figures then it is clear as crystal that the desktop computer is now a thing of the past.

Tek Squad are experts in maintaining and repairing all types of systems, from the old desktop right down to the latest apple mac laptop our skills vary. No matter what is popular at the minute, someone will invent something better or a new version of your laptop/computer will be released and your machine will be a thing of the past also.

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