Solution to Your Computer or Laptop Overheating

Every time we get a computer or a laptop at our workshop, the first thing that pops into our heads is the chance of overheating of the system. This is mainly habit due to the fact that the most common cause we get of computers and laptops breaking is all down to overheating of the CPU. Now as you may know the CPU is the brain of your system and therefore is the most valuable and needs protecting the most out of all the components of your laptop or PC.

Why do laptops and computers overheat?

Nine times out of ten the main reason why a computer system over heats is that there is a hindrance with the cooling system. Mainly it is dust that has clogged up the fan which means it cannot circulate air out of the vents causing warm air to circulate inside and around the main hardware components, which therefore leads to overheating. Another indicator is if your computer or laptop is making a loud noise, this could be a stray SATA or IDE cable which is getting jammed with the fan.

Laptops tend to overheat a lot faster than your standard computer, mainly due to the fact that a laptop is more compact and the components are more close together generating more heat. So bear in mind, if you are ever thinking about building your own laptop then it is crucial to have an excellent ventilation system.

How to stop your computer/laptop from overheating

It is simple, owning a computer is just like owning a home, car or pet it will need looking after. Some people under estimate the importance of keeping your motherboard components clean. Over time there will be a gather of dirt and dust which is ready to clog your ventilation and therefor damaging possible a thousand pounds worth of hardware (depending on the laptop/computer). It isn’t worth it for a fifteen minute job of simply opening your system and removing all the dust and dirt from the fan.

Another way I have found what works when preventing the computer from overheating is too check the power settings, this could help you save a lot of battery life and therefore you will be using less heat.

So if you have any questions or are looking for solutions to the above problems, then tek squad are here to help repair them!