Password Storage Tools

In this day and age people have what seems like hundreds of passwords. One for their computer, one for their tablet and one for their phone. And then one for Facebook, one for Twitter, Hotmail, Gmail, work etc. It can all get a bit much if you’re constantly having to remember which email addresses go with which password.

It’s also not prudent to simply reuse the same password for everything. Imagine, if someone cracked one of your passwords, they’re going to try that password for every other account you have. That’s not a good thing to happen as they’ll be able to access everything.

There are some great programs out there that can keep track of your passwords for you, and you only need to know one password. Programs such as LastPass also offer a great password generation addition to their site so you can create some powerful passwords for all your critical accounts.

You can also create an extra secure password for LastPass and even use two factor authentication for your passwords with LastPass. This adds an extra step, in effect two passwords, that are required to gain access to a program or website. LastPass will store one and you will have to remember the other.

They offer this because there is no truly bulletproof software out there. For every genius trying to create uncrackable software, there are other genius’ dedicated to cracking that software. Two Factor authentication will protect you if your LastPass is ever compromised.

So, the choice is up to you if you want to use password storage tools or not. But I’d recommend if you do, then make sure to use two factor authentication.