My Computer Won’t Switch On. What Do I Do?

It’s an awful sound, the sound of silence. You’re all too familiar with the whirring and clunks and clanks (depending on how old your computer is) that commence immediately after you hit and release the power button.

But what happens if you’re let down and all that follows the clicks of the power button is silence? Well, not to worry, there may still be some hope yet.

First of all, you can start by checking the power cable to your computer. Is the cable plugged in? Is there power going through it? Is your PSU switched on?

Plug something else into the power socket you’re using for your computer, if it switches on, the problem is with the socket and not your computer. If the cable is plugged in and the socket is switched on, check that the cable is securely fixed to your computer.

If the cable is securely fastened to your computer and the socket is switched on, check the back of your computer for a switch. Sometimes power supply units (PSU) have a switch on the back of them so that they can be switched off. Check this switch is in the correct position before proceeding.

A lot of computers with these types of PSU will have an indicator light at the back of them. If this light is on and your computer still won’t start up then it could be a bit of a bigger problem.

At this stage it’s important to remember that your hard drive will probably be ok. I say probably because if there was a power surge, it could have passed a current through the hard drive, leaving the hard drive effectively dead.

At this point as your computer isn’t working then you should get in touch with a computer repair company in your area. They will be able to thoroughly examine your computer and troubleshoot it professionally.