Malware and Viruses

Malware is another term for malicious software which is programmed by attackers to interfere and gain access your private computer system. It consists of a mixture of scripts, code and other malware which is designed to intrude your privacy. So what does malware actually include?

computer virus

The most common malicious programs are computer viruses, Trojans and computer worms.

Computer Viruses

It is extremely common that 9 out of 10 people who own a computer or a laptop will get a virus at some point. This is because many viruses’ can adapt and breach very quickly to the version of the anti-virus software you have installed. The reason behind this is the way


a computer virus works, they are designed to do anything possible to replicate itself

and spread from one computer to another. This is why it is crucial to update your anti-virus software as frequently as possible, due to the fact that malware is advancing on a daily basis.

If you do ever get a virus it is extremely important to disconnect from your network as the virus can send automated messages from your system and these messages could contain private information such as your bank details.

Trojan Horses

The Trojan horse unlike a computer virus is a non-self-replicating form of malware. It does not go into your computer files and spam other network users instead it gains unauthorized access via a “backdoor” and stays undetected. In summary it is just and unauthorized remote control to your computer system and a hacker can control whatever they want. The controller can install and delete files, crash the computer and even access the webcam of the system!

Computer worms

The best way I can describe a computer worm is that it is more of a network version of the computer virus. They are both designed in a similar way but perform a little bit differently. A computer worm replicates itself but it doesn’t rely on a certain program to cause damage, it relys on security loopholes and failures. The worm almost every single time causes damage the targets computer network even if it just a little damage, which won’t really affect the target.

How to prevent these from happening

Here at tek squad we are constantly repairing computers and laptops which have been infected with some sort of malware and what we highly recommend you do to prevent any damage is to;

  1. Regularly back up all your important files on a disk or pen drive.
  2. Be cautious when opening any suspicious email attachments, which are the most common forms of a virus.
  3. Install and frequently update your anti-virus software (AVG, Norton or Avast).

Follow these steps and it will cut your chance of getting a virus dramatically.