Is advancing of technology better or worse for computer repairs

Technology moves at an intimidating speed, and it can be very disconcerting to find that as soon as you’ve become proficient in a kind of standard software, that it’s been updated and you have to learn how to use all of the new features. You can see the speed of development just by thinking about the kind of computer games that were popular 5 years ago compared to now; games are more complex, graphics sharper, images more realistic, and there are systems that can detect your movements and record them as well. Most technology is moving at this speed even if it’s less obvious, including desktop computers and laptops.

Laptops were once baby computers and so whilst they were very mobile they were an additional piece of technology alongside a desktop computer. Mobile technology and internet is one of the fastest developing areas of technology, and so it is for this reason that a laptop is now a fundamental piece of technology, often able to do everything a desktop can. Desktop computers are now able to do more as standard, instead of only carrying out the most basic of functions, with anything more complex only being on the bigger more expensive computers. Processors are faster, memories are bigger, and there is much more choice available, but what does this mean for computer repairs? Does the additional complex nature of computers these days mean that computer repairs are harder and/or more expensive?

Not necessarily, because as computers have advanced, as has the usability; it is much harder to break your computer these days with the press of one button. Computers are designed for everyone these days, and so they are designed to be fool proof. They are also designed to be durable and so they are not nearly as fragile as they once were; screens are tougher and parts more protected, making it harder to break the exterior parts of a computer.

There are also more ways to protect your computer, specifically against viruses. There is free, easy to download virus protection software available on the internet, as well as affordable ones on a disk. You can keep your computer safe much more easily, eliminating the need for a repair to start with.

Computer repairs can be carried out by yourself more, due to the sheer amount of information out there. The internet is full of guides on how to fix simple issues with your computer or laptop, and there are literally hundreds of books as well as loads of short affordable courses.

The more elaborate nature of computers may make you think that repairs will be harder to carry out, but technology also gives you a helping hand.