How to Run a Memory Test on Windows 7

You might want to run a memory test for a number of reasons:

> Your computer might be running slow. This could be down to a number of things, namely, if your computer memory has suffered a bit of damage, then it’s not going to be performing to its true potential. Also known as a memory leak, running a memory test will identify and hopefully resolve the problem.

> Your computer could crash a lot. Again this could be down to memory issues, especially if caused by a memory leak. A memory leak is where a malfunctioning piece of memory will assign memory to a process or program where it cannot be recovered. In effect, slowly reducing the amount of memory you have available until you have so little memory left running, your computer is forced to shut itself down to protect itself.

To run a memory test, open the start menu and type “memory” into the search box.

Select “Windows Memory Diagnostic” from the list of search results.

Select the “Restart now and check for problems (recommended)” option from the box that pops up.

Your computer will then restart and the memory test will run. Grab a cup of tea as this might take a while.

Once completed your computer will report to you any memory problems it can find. Call Tek Squad and we’ll be able to help fix your underperforming computer.