How to Repair a Scratch on your Laptop Screen


All computers and laptops are prone to damage, especially portable devices. Portable devices are out and about all the time and even if you protect it as much as possible with cases and covers it is still subject to a lot more wear and tear than a home or office based computer. One of the most delicate parts of a computer is the screen and it can get scratched pretty easily. This doesn’t mean your screens needs replacing there are ways to repair a computer screen scratch.


There are several unconventional methods involving surprising ingredients some of which only disguise a scratch. These include peanut butter or toothpaste!!

One of the few that does tend to work is the mixing of bicarbonate of soda and glass cleaner. The combination of the two has been shown to remove scratches. There are also a number of specialist products that can remove

If this doesn’t work it may be worth getting further advice from someone specialising in computer and laptop repair about how to repair the scratch. If it could be that it needs extra attention from a professional, but it could be too serious to repair and the screen could need replacing. Only a professional will be able to tell you this.n to remove scratches. There are also a number of specialist products that can remove scratches from screens and these are available pretty widely. At laptop and computer repairs shops you can find the best of these products and people that work there will be able to advise you on which of these products are the best for the make and model of your computer. Most of these will remove the average kind of computer or laptop scratch on the screen.