Common Computer Repair Tips

Almost everyone owns their own computers these days. As day follows night, the more computers you have, the more likely you are to experience a problem with one of them. A lot of people new to computing and computers can fear the worst as they have little experience with laptops and can think their device beyond repair.

Do not despair though, there are plenty of common computer repairs you can make yourself. These simple tips can help you repair your own laptop computer.

Turn your Computer Off and On again.

This is the oldest and by far the most effective way of applying a quick fix to your computer. If your computer is running slow and applications keep crashing, then restarting your computer could help. Reason being, when you restart your computer you restart everything. So if an application has crashed, causing your computer to run slow, this will also be restarted and your computer will be fine when you load it back up.

Run a Memory Test

A littler trickier to pull off but definitely worth it if you’re running into problems with your computer. Beware though, executing a memory test can take some time so make sure you have a cup of tea handy. To run a memory test open your start menu on Windows and search for “Diagnose Windows Memory Problems”. A window will pop up and you can run a memory test from there. You may need administrator access for this. This will then run tests on your Hard Drive and RAM modules. It should be able to fix most errors but if not then you could need a laptop repair.

If you’ve tried these common computer repair tips and still experiencing issues with your computer or laptop, Get in Touch.