Blue Screen Of Death (BSoD)

If you have a computer or laptop and it runs on a Windows operating system then I am pretty sure you would have encountered the Blue Screen of Death. It is basically a quick death of your Windows operating system; a stop screen is an easier way to describe it. The reason why it is thought to have been blue is that blue is the colour known to relieve stress (true story). Windows included this to stop the error which causes the BSoD corrupting or damaging the rest of the systems hardware or software.

What causes the Blue Screen of Death?

The cause can vary on every system; it is mainly caused by a sudden stop or bug in either the software, hardware or drivers. This means the computer will stop responding to any of its components and then the blue screen of death will prevent any further damage to data or hardware. Unfortunately whatever data you currently have on screen before the BSoD happens you will lose this and you can shake your fist at Bill Gates.

Although many people who have not much knowledge in computer repairs, system recovery and data recovery will lose their data. If you know an experienced technician like the guys here at Tek Squad, it would be possible for them to configure your computer or laptop to stop any data loss if it was to ever happen again. They would be able to create a “core dump” which saves all memory to a disk file which can be retrieved any time possible.

How to prevent the BSoD from happening again

There is now immediate answer to this as we are never too sure what causes it in the first place but there are a range of processes you can do to lower the chance of it happening again. Depending on how frequently you are getting these error messages the best thing you can do is monitor your hardware and software as much as you can, there are many programs and forums to check these, it will be worth researching the error code the message gives you and this will normally give you the solution. Worst case scenario you will have to replace a component of hardware or uninstall some software and reinstall a more updated version.

In summary there is an endless list off what can cause the blue screen of death and hopefully what I have mentioned above will help you out next time it happens.