A Guide to Backing Up and Restoring Your Data With Windows

If you are preparing to repair your computer or laptop yourself, then the most important thing you need to do is back up all the important data which you need. Here, we are going to give you the guide to back up and restore all your data using windows backup utility.

How to Backup YoBackupur Data

As I touch upon above Microsoft included a backup and restore utility in their operating systems, so first thing you need to do is launch it. It is located in the control panel under the “System and Security” category.

Once you are on the utility there will be an option to start setting up your backup so we need to click on the “Set up backup” link. Next, we need to choose where to save our backup. With windows it doesn’t let you save your backup to your main hard drive due to the fact that if any errors with your system could affect your hard drive therefore losing all your data. Therefore you will need to purchase an external hard drive which can be plugged in via USB port.

Now that you have chosen where your backup is going to be saved, next windows will give you the option of what you actually want to back up. It gives you a default choice of letting them choose, this will save the user time if they choose to do this. The windows chosen back up includes, files saved in libraries, on the desktop and the default windows folders. The other option lets you choose what files and folders you wish to back up yourself.

Now that you have chosen what you are going to backup and where it is going to be saved, windows will then bring up a backup review window which lets you see the options you have chosen. There is also a setting which you can apply for future backups; you can set a time which suits your schedule for windows to automatically backup all your data. Now all we have to do is wait… it is a very time consuming process depending on how much data you have on your system.

Restoring Your data

Now that we have backed up all our data, we now need to restore it all back onto the computer. This is a fairly simple process in which many times people over complicate it. First thing what you need to do is open the backup and restore utility again as mentioned above. You will then need to decide whether to restore the whole backup or just the individual files you need.

If you are restoring the specific individual files then first click on the restore my files tab and browse for the specific files you want and then you will be given the option to restore them back to the original location or to a different one of your choice, it is completely upto you. It is the same process in restoring your entire backup instead you browse for the whole folder of which your backup is in.